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Pan Theater
2135 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
(19th Street BART)

Pan Theater
Improv Training Center
2390 Mission Street #8
San Francisco, CA 94110
(24th Street BART)

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Pan Theater offers San Francisco improv classses and Oakand improv classes. Pan is the San Francisco Bay Area’s favorite improv hot spot offering you top notch improv comedy shows and affordable improv classes for every skill level.

Pan Theater is the East Bay’s oldest improv theater. Pan has been bringing improv goodness to the Bay Area since 2002.  Classes are offered in Uptown Oakland and in the Mission in San Francisco. Improv 101 classes start soon. Get great improv tips here.

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Take as many Improv DOJO sessions as you like in 2016 with a friend. Includes the Improv DOJO II. Also makes a great Christmas Present. Only 39 2016 pass available. IMPROV DOJO 2016 YEAR PASS

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