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Pan Theater - San Francisco Bay Area improv comedy shows and improv acting classes

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Pan Theater Improv Blog and Articles

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Pan Theater is the San Francisco Bay Area’s favorite improv hot spot offering you top notch improv comedy shows and improv classes.

If you are looking to try improv you should know that we’re the East Bay’s oldest improv theater and the East Bay’s second largest theater school. Pan has been bringing improv goodness to the Bay Area since 2002.  Pan is one block from BART in Oakland’s funky Uptown at 2135 Broadway in Oakland.

Shows Friday and Saturdays at 8pm and 9pm. Tickets $10.

Improv Nerd Worskhop

Pan Improv Classes:

Theater Games Improv Classes

 Improv from the Heart

Camp Improv - Teen Improv Classes

Meisner Technique Acting Classes